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The Broomhill Pool Trust is a registered charity (1102659). The Trust activities are to lobby, explore and liaise with Ipswich Borough Council and all interested parties to preserve Broomhill Pool for future generations. Ipswich Borough Council are providing a grant to cover most of the cost, allowing the Trust to conduct a feasibility study - and development of a business plan - to demonstrate the financial basis of Broomhill Pool as an ongoing facility. Subject to the success of the feasibility study, we aim to secure a further £1,000,000 pledge by Ipswich Borough Council towards the full costs of redeveloping and operating Broomhill Pool.
Broomhill Open Air Swimming Pool was built at a cost of £17,000 and opened in April 1938. Over 50 metres long and 8 lanes wide, the pool was 4.5 metres deep at the deep end, accommodated 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 metre diving boards, a grandstand for 700 spectators, underwater flood lighting and changing facilities for 70 ladies and 108 men. The water was heated and filtered and the 3 hour filtration rate for 2,500,000 litres of water was one of the fastest in the country. Broomhill has been central to summer for many generations. It has a special appeal for children who are able to spend all day in the fresh air in attractive surroundings, in a safe, healthy environment. The Pool building is one of the most attractive Lido style open-air pools in Britain and has an unrivalled position on the edge of Broomhill Park. Broomhill Pool is the only Olympic length open-air pool in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk. In addition to its appeal to recreational swimmers, many local groups have used Broomhill Pool for a wide range of water sports including Life Saving Training, Canoeing and even Dinghy Sailing. At 4.5 metres deep the pool offers Sub-Aqua divers the only "deep water pit" in the Suffolk. We must ensure that this wonderful pool is saved from demolition, and preserved for future generations.