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River and Lake Swimming Association

RALSA objectives are to: * Increase public awareness to the fact that swimming in open water is a natural, healthy and ecologically friendly sport. * Improve swimming safety standards through information, education and vigilance and expose the consequences of the negative attitude adopted by some organisation towards bathing in rivers and lakes. * Protect the interests of those who seek to enjoy beach and water activities whenever they come under threat and seek to remedy situations where their rights have been or are being violated. * Encourage authorities to meet the growing demand for inland beaches by re-establishing, creating and maintaining sites near centres of population. * Restore respectability to open water bathing. * Seek co-operation with organisations who share common interest.

Holywell Mead Pool

Wycombe residents (and the surrounding areas) have come over the years to rely on Holywell Mead Pool being available. It has provided many 1000’s of people pleasure each year. Given its location (a beautiful open space in the centre of High Wycombe) it provides the basis for an enjoyable day out or an hour’s break from the normal pace of life. Many of the area’s residents believe this facility should be saved for future community use.

Pastscape. Record of National Monuments

Broomhill Pool has been included in English Heritage's "PastScape" which is derived from the National Monument Records Archives and Monuments Information England database. "Listing does not in itself confer any extra statutory protection over and above the existing listed building status. However, the body of data on PastScape is a broad spectrum of sites and monuments. The database aims to cover a wide range of periods including the recent past and a wide range of types of sites with representative bodies of data for the public to study. In 2005-6, English Heritage conducted a desk-based project on Lidos across the whole of England, based on recent publications, which his why we have included Broomhill. They felt that this endangered class of site from our recent past, with so much resonance was worth recording onto our database. Although his doesn’t confer any extra legal protection than it already has, it does mean that a record of broomhill lido is on a website used by tens of thousands of people, which serves to highlight this vulnerable and fascinating place.

SAVE Britains Heritage

SAVE has been described as the most influential conservation group to have been established since William Morris founded the Society for the Protection Ancient Buildings over a century ago. It was created in 1975 - European Architectural Heritage Year - by a group of journalists, historians, architects, and planners to campaign publicly for endangered historic buildings. Through press releases, lightening leaflets, reports, books and exhibitions, SAVE has championed the cause of decaying country houses, redundant churches and chapels, disused mills and warehouses, blighted streets and neighbourhoods, cottages and town halls, railway stations, hospitals, military buildings and asylums. From the start, SAVE has always placed a special emphasis on the possibilities of alternative uses for historic buildings and, in a number of cases, it has prepared its own schemes for re-use of threatened buildings. On repeated occasions SAVE proposals have been instrumental in giving threatened buildings a renewed lease of life. SAVE is also very active on the broader issues of preservation policy.

Heritage Gateway: Lido Recording Project

The Lido Recording Project is part of an English Heritage initiative to capitalize on the success of "Liquid Assets" - by Janet Smith. The Heritage Gateway website constitutes a partnership between English Heritage, IHBC(Institute of Historic Building Conservation) and ALGAO (Asstn. of Local Govt.Archaeological Officers)! Broomhill Pool gets a special mention in the opening paragraph.

London Fields Lido, Hackney

In their latest press release, Hackney Council have announced that their new 50 metre outdoor heated pool, will open in October. This lido has been closed for nearly 20 years and is therefore a tribute and testament to campaigners who never gave up!

Banbury Pool Campaign (Woodgreen Open Air Pool)

The Banbury Pool Campaign is the website for the Woodgreen Open Air Pool Support Group. This pool closed in 2002 ( the same year as Broomhill) and the campaigners face problems very similar to ours. Exchange of information is vital in campaigning and therefore mutual links have been established with many other groups: the Banbury Pool Campaigners are part of a 70-strong membership of the Yahoo Lidos Group.

South London Swimming Club ( SLSC) Tooting Bec Lido

The South London Swimming Club is one of the oldest in England: founded in 1906, they celebrate their Centenary this year with a host of events at Tooting Bec Lido, which included the first UK Coldwater Championships in January!! Tooting Bec Lido is unheated, but still open all the year round for club members and in the summer, of course, for everyone.

Brockwell Lido Users Group

B.L.U. is the website for the Brockwell Lido Users Group: a pressure group set up to ensure the Brockwell Park Lido and the services offered within the lido complex are maintained and extended. The Broomhill Pool Trust keeps in regular contact with Brockwell Park, particularly with Jo Edwards, the project architect for the planned lido alterations; Jo has visited Broomhill and taken some beautiful photos of it, several of which can be seen on Broomhill: Building of the Month (Feb 2006) on the Twentieth Century website! Grateful thanks to BLU for their encouragement.

The Victorian Society

The Victorian Society is the national society responsible for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture and other arts, founded 1958. Its Home Page is currently providing a link to download the report of a conference which explored the challenges facing historic pools held on June 24th 2006; log on for further details.

Swim Sites: The Swimming Directory

Swim Sites was established by Ciaran Gorman of Ireland, and aims to be the top directory of swimming related content on the web; Broomhill is found under "Pools"

london pools campaign

Comprehensive site on every aspect of London's swimming pools: improvements, closures, the Olympics, press coverage etc. One of several sites to promote the Lido Conference held on 16th March 2006 and the National Pool Campaigners' Conference on 24th June.

Liquid Assets

In Liquid Assets, the third book of the Played in Britain series, journalist Janet Smith, author of a history of Tooting Bec Lido and herself a keen swimmer, traces the development of Britain’s surprisingly rich stock of lidos, starting with their 18th and 19th century predecessors through their fashionable heyday in the Thirties, to their battle for survival today. The book includes a rich variety of case studies and Broomhill Pool features on p.142-145. Janet Smith visited Ipswich on March 3rd 2006 to give a talk and do a book-signing.

Crafted Media Web Design

Many thanks to 'Crafted Media' for supplying their creative services for the Broomhill pool cause. For more information on 'Crafted Media' and their design, build and hosting products/services click the above link.

The Twentieth Century Society

The Twentieth Century Society exists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards. One of the Society's prime objectives is education, with education comes appreciation. With conservation, another prime objective, comes the continued opportunity for extending our knowledge about those buildings or artifacts, whether important or humble, rare or as commonplace as the red telephone kiosk, that characterise the Twentieth Century in Britain. The 20th Century Society was instrumental in helping to get Broomhill Pool listed in 2001. The Twentieth Century Society also has a feature called "Building of the Month" and Broomhill Pool was the "Building" in February 2006.