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BREAKING NEWS: IBC to back Broomhill with extra £500,000.
Aug 24, 2018

Broomhill’s restoration set to be secured by extra £500,000 from Ipswich council

PUBLISHED: 19:00 24 August 2018 Paul Geater

Ipswich council is set to pledge a further £500,000 to the Broomhill Pool redevelopment project in a bid to ensure it can go ahead as planned next year.
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The restoration was granted £3.4m of Heritage Lottery Fund cash last December when the cost of restoring the pool and turning the area into a all-year sports and community centre was put at £6.5m.

However inflation in the construction industry has pushed the cost up by £750,000 – potentially threatening the project that would be completed by leisure company Fusion Lifestyle with backing from the council which owns the Broomhill site.

The borough had pledged £1m to go towards the legislation – an offer made in 2005. Now it has increased that pledge by £500,000 which reflects the effect of inflation over the last 13 years.

That still leaves a funding gap of £250,000, but after talking to Fusion Lifestyle the borough believes this can be met.

The proposed increase is due to be discussed by the borough’s executive committee on September 4 and is not expected to encounter much opposition.

Council deputy leader Bryony Rudkin, who is responsible for leisure services, said the extra money should help ensure a deadline of early October – set by the HLF – could be met for Fusion Lifestyle to come up with a firm timetable to restore Broomhill.

That could mean the pool could reopen during 2020.

Mrs Rudkin said: “We recognise how important the pool is and we have come so far we want to do all we can to ensure the work can go ahead. We have spoken to Fusion Lifestyle and we think that between us this will allow the work to go ahead.”

The Broomhill Trust has been campaigning to get the pool reopened ever since it closed its doors at the end of the 2002 season.

Mark Ling from the Trust welcomed the borough’s commitment: “This is fantastic news. It shows that the town is as committed as ever to getting the pool reopened.

“It would bring in a substantial inward investment to a part of Ipswich that has not really had its fair share – I’m delighted that this should allow work to go ahead.”

Mr Ling said that since the news of the funding gap emerged at the start of the month a significant number of people had pledged to support an effort to ensure it went ahead.

Opinion: Council boost for Broomhill should be good for Ipswich

If Ipswich council’s executive does approve the £500,000 increase in its capital grant for the restoration of Broomhill Pool, it is a decision that will be welcomed by most.

The value of the £1m pledge made in 2005 has been eroded by inflation and the extra money should ensure that the work on a £7.25m regeneration project for an often-overlooked part of Ipswich goes ahead.

The money will not come direct from council tax payers – it will come from the council’s reserves and should ensure there are new leisure facilities for people across the town.

The redevelopment of Broomhill has taken a long time to reach this stage – but when complete it should be a far more useful leisure facility than the unheated pool was in the past.

It might take another two years before it opens its gates to the public – but by late summer 2020 the town could have a new leisure centre to be proud of.


Broomhill Pool - Where we are & what you can do to help
Aug 09, 2018

Broomhill Pool - Where we are & what you can do to help?

Broomhill Pool supporters will be aware that the project to restore Broomhill Pool is facing a shortfall in funding.
The construction industry is experiencing unprecedented pricing inflation; due to high demand, an improving global economy, and higher costs for imported materials.
Cost plans calculated in August 2017 at £6.5m (for Fusion’s successful HLF award) are now 10% higher at £7.25m. Industry pressures are impacting other high profile schemes here in Ipswich, and nationally too.

90% of the funding to restore Broomhill is locked down, and Fusion is now in position to begin the procurement and works for Broomhill Pool.
It is within all the stakeholder’s interests to bridge the £725,000 funding gap and to move swiftly ahead.

Readers and supporters of the pool may be thinking what can be done, and what can we do to help the project?

1. The Trust asks you to join us in encouraging the three key stakeholders, IBC, Fusion and HLF, to collectively bridge this funding gap. All are aware of the prevailing construction environment and should make fair and realistic adjustments for it.

2. IBC’s original £1m pledge for the pool’s restoration was formally made in 2005. It has been upheld by all administrations and all parties. The Trust only has praise for the Borough for their efforts. However, allowing for 15 years of inflation, the original pledge is equivalent to £1.5m in real terms by 2020. The quality of the scheme and level of inward investment is an outstanding return for taxpayers (also offsetting the costs and liability if the site remains closed). We therefore appeal to the Borough to play their part in bridging the gap.

3. Supporters can write to David Ellesmere at IBC, your Constituency MP, and to Ipswich Star to confirm your backing the scheme and call upon them to see it through.

4. Other potential funding pots are clearly identified and we will support the stakeholders in their negotiations.

5.  The Broomhill Pool Trust is also pledging £10,000 that we hold in our campaign fund towards the project. Further public donations are very welcome via the Trust’s website (paypal) This is a major capital scheme, so while donations are unlikely to make a dent in a £750,000 shortfall, they DO however send a very powerful message that the public supports the campaign and are doing their bit too.

6. The site will also be open for the Heritage Open Days on 15/16 September (10:00 - 16:00). So come along, and we hope to be able to share updates at this event.

The project is tantalisingly close to fruition. Please join us in supporting the key stakeholders to bridge the funding gap and to secure this wonderful project for Ipswich!


Aug 08, 2018


Sent to Ipswich Borough Council, Fusion Lifestyle, Heritage Lottery Fund.
We are writing to you all as stakeholders and key influencers to appeal for your continued support for the project to restore and reopen Broomhill Pool.
The campaign and project to save Broomhill Pool has enjoyed cross party political support within the Borough; it has won backing and investment from a top not for profit operator and from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It also has wide public support.
The project is tantalisingly close to fruition. So if the whole scheme fails now - at such a late stage - due to a gap in capital funding, it will represent a LOST OPPORTUNITY of MONUMENTAL SCALE.
We therefore call for continued political and community unity, and we appeal for the key stakeholders (and others if possible) to work to bridge the funding gap and to find a workable solution.
We would remind you of what is at stake.
• This is the first Heritage Lottery Funding in North West Ipswich since lottery funding began. The £3.4m HLF stage 2 pass represents substantial inward investment and stimulus for Ipswich.
• Ipswich has received around £85m in national lottery investment since the lottery began. Our similar sized neighbour, Norwich, received £185m with all the extra match funding and benefits that it brings. Struggling North West Ipswich (in CSNI constituency) has secured barely £3m over 20 years. Broomhill Pool is one of just a few major assets in this area of town, so we must NOT allow the people of NW Ipswich to miss out.
• NW Ipswich is an area with two major high schools, two significant pockets of deprivation, and is targeted for an expansion of housing (Northern Fringe). It desperately needs and deserves inward investment and community facilities.
• A restored Broomhill Pool will bring additional employment opportunities. It will help promote Ipswich as a destination. It will bring in extra passing trade for local shops and services. It will bring a major construction project that will possibly benefit the local economy, local construction companies and workers. 
• A restored Broomhill Pool will benefit ALL the people of Ipswich but especially the young to an enormous degree offering unparalleled water facilities for the next 50 years. 
• Approx. 30 pools have closed in Ipswich in the last 30 years (mostly Suffolk County Council operated school pools). Broomhill Pool offers a large swimming and social space for all our youth and accessibility for school swimming lessons.
• Art Deco style Broomhill Pool is unique. It is also one of our town’s most iconic and loved buildings, and can offer a practical heritage experience.
• So, far £5.5m has been guaranteed by Fusion and the HLF (in addition to IBC's £1m). This project represents a SIGNIFICANT return for IBC taxpayers and in an area of town which has had very little investment.
• Ipswich's Broomhill Pool is a member of the Historic Pools of Britain and is viewed as one of the finest pools in the country.
• Janet Smith wrote, in her definitive book “Liquid Assets” “Broomhill may lack the national profile accorded to Saltdean, Tinside or Penzance, but it is arguably their equal in architectural significance”.
• Broomhill Pool will offer year round facilities; a fitness suite, a heritage suite, café, and restored lido, terraces and grandstand, with heated water to 25c and a restoration to the Wicksteed Diving stage.
The 2009 “All Options Appraisal” for Broomhill confirmed that this is the best outcome and by far the best for taxpayers and the people of Ipswich. There is a substantial cost and loss to do nothing.
The pool is grade II listed and built in park land (since 1925). It will be more expensive for taxpayers to convert the building for park and leisure use or to demolish the pool, and it will be a continuous liability to secure and upkeep the building.
Failure to secure the project will not only mean the loss of massive inward investment into an area of Ipswich which has had very little.
We must collectively ask what kind of message does it send about Ipswich as a regional centre, and the ambition that our leaders have for it?!
We call for your urgent and continued support; to work positively to bridge the funding gap and to deliver this project for the people of Ipswich.
Mark Ling                                                     Michael Read MBE.
Chairman, The Broomhill Pool Trust        President, The Broomhill Pool Trust


A challenging few months ahead
Aug 07, 2018

A challenging few months ahead as Ipswich Star reports "Can Ipswich’s Broomhill pool project survive cash crisis? Developers remain confident"


For full story see link below:


The Broomhill Pool Trust, Privacy Notice – May 2018
May 25, 2018
The Broomhill Pool Trust
Privacy Notice – May 2018
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Our purpose is to promote this outstanding heritage and public facility and to educate and inform and gain new supporters.
Retaining this information is of essential need to the Trust’s campaign activities and ultimately for the pool’s survival.
This PRIVACY NOTICE tells you what to expect when The Broomhill Pool Trust collects personal information.
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• To communicate with interested parties, Ipswich Borough Council, possible operators and funding bodies to secure our aim to save and restore Broomhill Pool.
• To provide interesting articles, updates, news items, stories, information of events related to Broomhill Pool and the Trust campaign to save and restore it.
• To promote - with legitimate interest - the Pool and Trust to the general public, key influencers and the heritage and sport fraternity.
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