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Evening Star 14-12-09 - Trust issues open appeal ahead of Broomhill Pool "All Option" decision.

Evening Star 14-12-09 - Trust issues open appeal ahead of Broomhill Pool "All Option" decision.
Dec 14, 2009
Evening Star 14-12-09. Page 13:


Quality operators have expressed interest.

Open letter to Ipswich Borough Council Executive

Ahead of Tuesday’s key “all options” decision, the Broomhill Pool Trust, supporters of the Trust (some 18,500+), and enthusiasts of the lido in Ipswich and beyond, call upon Ipswich Borough Council Executive to do the right thing for this iconic 1930’s Grade II listed swimming facility. Quality operators are preparing their proposals for IBC’s 10th February 2010 deadline, so we respectfully appeal to the IBC Executive to:
1. Approve Option 2: Disposal of Broomhill Pool to a quality operator; to restore the pool as a swimming facility.
2. Fulfil manifesto pledges and continue your £1m guarantee, thus allowing Option 2 (and funding options) to be fully explored; and to encourage an operator to secure the facility’s future.
3. Commit fully to delivering a successful outcome for the facility.

The 2006 Feasibility Study and 2009 All Options Appraisal studies prove conclusively:-

o That there are clear expressions of interest from quality operators.
o That business plans in 2006 & 2009, professionally and independently prepared by leading consultants (with input from 22 similar situated outdoor pools and lidos), demonstrate that the facility can run without an operating loss.
o That the facility currently has no structural defects beyond repair.
o That it can be reinstated with just 9 months building work as a heated outdoor pool with enhanced community facilities providing benefits 12 months a year.
o That at a [2009] revised rebuild cost of just £3.6m (down from £4.2m), the project addresses an undersupply of water space in Ipswich - as highlighted in IBC’s Nov 2006 Swimming Needs Assessment (consultants: Torkildsen Barclay).
o That demolition would be both costly, and is highly unlikely. The facility is Grade II listed and is built within Broomhill Park (thus having no commercial resale value).
o That mothballing the facility will bring no benefit to the people of Ipswich; only continued health & safety and management costs. It would represent a wasteful use of a much needed public facility. The site would slip into further disrepair, increasing future refurbishment costs, and leave taxpayers with a much bigger bill for tomorrow.


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