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Griff  Rhys Jones 
Griff Rhys Jones 19-2-08 "It is really only through determined action on the ground by local people that any threatened lovely building can be supported and saved, and the dedication of those who have given so much to Broomhill Pool is exemplary. I stand back in awe and admiration. Swimming pools are real challenges. What wonders everybody has achieved. Keep up this work. I know at times it must feel like a long journey and that nobody is really noticing what you do, but that's not true. Lets keep our fingers crossed. You are working to save something for the future not just for yourselves and deserve all the praise that can be mustered. For anybody who is thinking of showing their support, or has ever wondered what they might do to help, now is the time to step forward and demonstrate how much they simply want this campaign to succeed. Viva Broomhill! Griff Rhys Jones.