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The future of your pool
Broomhill Pool has been a popular leisure facility for the local community for many years until recently. The original Pool was built in 1938, by Ipswich Borough Council. However, in 2002 it was closed to the public as its condition had deteriorated.
The Broomhill Pool Trust was set up to look at ways to reinstate the Pool.
It became evident that the only way to progress this reinstatement was to carry out a Feasibility Study that would look at all aspects of the Pool's condition and operation and recommend a physical and business plan for the way forward.
A Feasibility Team of specialist consultants have been commissioned to carry out this study (which is also needed to apply for lottery funding), who have the appropriate expertise for this type of community project.
Latterly the Trust has established a Project Management Group to be chaired by an experienced project manager, to monitor the work of the Feasibility Team.
An important part of this exercise is to establish the views of the likely users, so that the future plans for the Pool are tailored to your needs. This questionnaire is an initial step in that process.

What the study will acheive
The study will be carried out with the Feasibility Team and the Project Management Group working closely together. It will be significantly influenced by the results of this questionnaire. Preliminary proposals will be drawn up based on the questionnaire results and the brief of the Trust and what will enhance the character and financial viability of the Pool.
About halfway through the study period, there will be further public consultation at a "Hands-on" exhibition, when proposals will be displayed for comment. Once the preferred option has been determined, based on feedback from the exhibition, an application will be submitted to the Local Authority to check the proposals are acceptable in planning terms.
Parallel to the above, a business plan will be developed to show the potential financial viability of the new Pool operation. Funding sources will be indicated and a management basis for its operation suggested. The study is expected to take nine months to complete and will conclude with an in-depth report and set of drawings.
It is then hoped that the Project Management Group will have a well considered scheme where the necessary funding can be identified for the capital works, and the projected income streams balance the estimated running costs of the completed proposals. It will be necessary to have confirmation of the funding before any renovation work can be carried out.

Your contribution
The Pool is a community facility and it is therefore very important that the Project Management Group and the Feasibility Team understand the views of the people who have used it and/or are likely to use it.
The more we hear from you, the greater is the chance of meeting everybody's needs and of securing a successful funding bid for improvements.

Please let us have your views about the project by completing the following:
(If you wish to say don't know or don't mind to any Yes / No question, please leave both boxes blank.)
1. How big is your family? (please indicate numbers in each age group)
0-2 yrs
3-5 yrs
6-10 yrs
11-14 yrs
15-19 yrs
20-40 yrs
41-59 yrs
over 60 yrs

2. Did your family use the existing Pool, prior to its closure?

3. On average, how often did members of your family use the existing Pool?
Times per year

4. How far away from the Pool do you live?

5. How did you travel to the Pool previously?
Walk    Bike    Bus    Car    Coach

The nature of the improved facility will depend on the uses envisaged for it. Which of the following activities would you and/or your family be interested in making use of?
6. Which of the following swimming or pool based activities are you interested in (Please tick which):
Leisure swimming
Competitive swimming
Synchronised swimming
Swimming lessons
Life saving
Water polo
Dingy/Rowing training
Sub-Aqua diving
Scuba diving
High board diving
Ice skating
Other (please state)

7. Which of the associated leisure or community activities are you interested in:
Fitness Training
Martial Arts
Table Tennis
Ice rink
Senior Citizen Club
Meeting Room
Other (please state)

8. Please state which particular provisions you would like for young children?
Reinstate Small Pool
Re-establish Play Area
Toy Library
Mum & Toddler Group
Other (please state)

9. Do you or members of your family participate in any of the activities listed above in questions 6, 7, and 8 at other venues, which might be more convenient at Broomhill? If so which Activities/Where?
Add any more at the end of the questionnaire.

10. What Pool facilities/features would you like to see improved/added?
Tick as many as you wish.
a) Heated Pool
b) Better Café
c) Meeting/Activity Room
d) Changing Rooms
e) Improved Showers
f) Slide
g) Flume
h) Reinstate Clocktower
i) Reinstate Pool Lighting
j) Reinstate Fountain
k) Sundial
l) Internet cafe
m) Swimming shop
n) Lockers
Having in mind the need to make the future of the Pool self financing overall, are there any other improvements you would like? (please state below, but note proposed inclusions below)
NB: There are several support facilities that would automatically be included such as Booking office/Reception, Educational/Display area (funding requirement), Toilets, Staff Office, Kitchenette & own Toilets, Storage, better Access for Disabled.

11. Give an indication of the highest price you would pay for an all day ticket for the upgraded pools (with normal concessionary rates available).
Indicate if you would pay separately for extra facilities such as fitness suite or a sauna?
Would you be interested in buying a season ticket?

12. Are there ways in which you would support the efforts of the Trust?
a) Joining the Trust
b) Assisting with Trust activities & fundraising
c) Contributing Materials/Equipment
d) A small increase in local Council tax
e) Contributing with skills (clarify at end)
f) Contributing financially

13. Have you seen or heard information about the Pool in:
Local papers
Local Radio
Word of mouth
Local activities (eg Heritage Open Day)
Other (please state)

14. Have you any other views you would wish us to consider ? If so, please use this section to tell us or additional information from earlier questions:

Your Name and Address and/or post code: